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The Matrix Revolutions: Characters

The Matrix Revolutions: NeoNeo: Neo is the One. After five previous cycles of death and destruction Neo is able to broker peace with the machines by destroying the one thing that threatens to destroy everything: Agent Smith.

The Matrix Revolutions: TrinityTrinity: Trinity, a member of Morpheus' crew, is Neo's source of strength. It's only through her love that Neo is able to realize his potential, and it's only through her ultimate sacrifice that Neo is able to finally end the war.

The Matrix Revolutions: The OracleThe Oracle: The 'mother' of the Matrix, The Oracle is able to see the future. She guides Neo on the path to saving Zion (and therefore humanity), at the cost of her previous shell. The Oracle is also responsible for the original prophecy concerning the existence of The One.

The Matrix Revolutions: SatiSati: A program created by two other programs (as their daughter), Sati is smuggled into the Matrix from the machine world, due to a deal made by her father with The Merovingian. The consequence of this deal is the termination of the Oracle's original shell, though she believes it is worth it due to Sati's importance to both worlds.

The Matrix Revolutions: Rama-KandraRama-Kandra: Sati's 'father'. He's made a deal with The Merovingian to smuggle Sati into the Matrix, but perhaps more importantly he's got a lesson for Neo about the machine's (and program's) ability to love. Not love as a human emotion, but love as a connection to someone or something else.

The Matrix Revolutions: BaneBane: A member of Ballard's hovercraft crew, Bane is turned into an Agent Smith duplicate in the Matrix immediately before jacking out. Agent Smith now controls him in the 'real world' and attempts to kill Neo there as well.

The Matrix Revolutions: Commander LockCommander Lock: Commander of Zion's military forces, and Niobe's current flame. Lock doesn't believe in the prophecy and thinks devoting resources to Neo's quest will ensure Zion's destruction.

The Matrix Revolutions: ZeeZee: Zee is Link's wife, sister of Tank and Dozer. She volunteers for infantry duty during the war and is instrumental both in disabling the first digger and in ensuring The Kid can open the hanger door for the return of the Hammer.

The Matrix Revolutions: Deus Ex MachinaDeus Ex Machina: The machine intelligence that Neo makes a deal with while in the machine city. Neo offers to destroy Smith in exchange for peace, and the offer is accepted.

The Matrix Revolutions: The ArchitectThe Architect: The creator of the Matrix, the architect informs Neo that much of what he believed about the Matrix, Zion, and his destiny is untrue. Given the deal between Neo and Deus Ex Machina, the Architect is forced into freeing anyone who rejects the Matrix.

The Matrix Revolutions: MorpheusMorpheus: Captain of the destroyed hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus' previous rock-solid beliefs in Neo and the prophecy are shaken by The Architect's claims. Doubt creeps in as Neo heads for the machine city, but Morpheus focuses on co-piloting the Hammer back to Zion with Niobe.

The Matrix Revolutions: Agent SmithAgent Smith: A rogue program in the Matrix, Smith is Neo's mirror image, his dark half. He exists to oppose Neo and his growing, destructive power isn't limited to the Matrix. Ultimately, Smith is a greater threat to mankind and to the machines than anything else, thus he holds to key to victory for Neo.

The Matrix Revolutions: SeraphSeraph: Guardian of The Oracle, Seraph is a program in the Matrix who assists Trinity and Morpheus in confronting the Merovingian (thereby rescuing Neo). The Merovingian refers to him as the 'the prodigal son', suggesting a previous relationship, and possibly betrayal.

The Matrix Revolutions: NiobeNiobe: Captain of the hovercraft Logos, former flame of Morpheus, and now with Commander Lock. Niobe is one of the two main characters in Enter The Matrix. She pilots the hovercraft Hammer back to Zion during the war.

The Matrix Revolutions: Captain MifuneCaptain Mifune: Commander of the APUs (Armored Personnel Units), Mifune leads the ground defences against the sentinels when they break through the dock walls.

The Matrix Revolutions: The KidThe Kid: After being the first to 'self-substantiate', The Kid voluteers to fight in the war and ends up taking over Captain Mifune's APU when Mifune succumbs. The Kid is then responsible for opening the hanger doors in time for the Hammer to bust through.

The Matrix Revolutions: LinkLink: The only other member of Morpheus' crew. Married to Tank and Dozer's sister, Link is the operator for the Neb's crew when they enter the Matrix, and he also pilots the Neb in the 'real world'.

The Matrix Revolutions: GhostGhost: Niobe's right-hand. Ghost is especially effective in hand-to-hand combat and weapons usage. Ghost is one of the two main characters in Enter The Matrix.

The Matrix Revolutions: MerovingianMerovingian: Another program in the Matrix, Merovingian holds the key to rescuing Neo's mind and returning him to the real world. With assistance from Morpheus and Seraph, Trinity forces him to divulge that information.

The Matrix Revolutions: The TrainmanThe Trainman: A program in the employ of The Merovingian, he controls the 'train station'. The station is where programs are smuggled into and out of the Matrix, and it's where Neo's mind is trapped at the beginning of Revolutions.

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Did You Know?

The entire crew of the hovercraft Hammer have names borrowed from weapons: Mauser, AK, Maggie (magazine), and Colt. Interestingly, the hammer is also referred to as Mjolnir, which is the Norse God Thor's hammer...yet another weapon. The Hammer Mjolnir was said to always return after it had been thrown. Coincidentally, the Hammer (piloted by Niobe) is the only hovercraft to return to Zion.
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