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The Matrix: Characters

The Matrix: NeoNeo: Neo is Thomas Anderson's "hacker name". He is freed from the Matrix by Morpheus and his crew to be the savior of mankind (the One).

The Matrix: TrinityTrinity: Trinity is Morpheus' right-hand. Morpheus freed her years ago and she has since become his most trusted ally. The Oracle told her she would fall in love with the One.

The Matrix: The OracleThe Oracle: An unusual inhabitant of the Matrix, The Oracle is able to see the future. Morpheus takes members of his crew to her, most importantly Neo. The Oracle is also responsible for the original prophecy concerning the existence of the One.

The Matrix: SwitchSwitch: A member of Morpheus' crew, Switch is curiously the only one who appears in white clothes when they enter the Matrix.

The Matrix: TankTank: A member of Morpheus' crew, Tank was born in Zion - he never was a slave to the Matrix. His brother Dozer is also on the Nebuchadnezzar. Tank thwarts Cypher's plan, but not before Cypher wipes out most of the crew.

The Matrix: DozerDozer: A member of Morpheus' crew, and Tank's brother, Dozer was born in Zion - he never was a slave to the Matrix.

The Matrix: Morpheus Morpheus: Captain of the hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus believes in The Oracle's prophecy, and he believes he has finally found the One. He acts as Neo's mentor.

The Matrix: Agent Smith Agent Smith: The main adversary to Morpheus' plan. A sentient program in the Matrix, Smith is able to do almost everything Neo can. Agents are supremely powerful, and no one has every survived a standoff with an Agent before Neo.

The Matrix: Cypher Cypher: A member of Morpheus' crew, Cypher decides the life of a resistance fighter isn't all it's cracked up to be and engineers a deal to be reinserted back into the Matrix, at the expense of Zion.

The Matrix: Apoc Apoc: A member of Morpheus' crew, he is the first to die when Cypher sets his plan in motion.

The Matrix: Mouse Mouse: A member of Morpheus' crew, Mouse is the 'digital pimp' responsible for programming the woman in red - he offers private visits with her as well.

The Matrix: Jones & Brown Agents Jones & Brown: Two other sentient programs, they have all the dangerous capabilities of Agent Smith, but are not as individualistic or driven as he is.

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Did You Know?

At the 'Door to the Source' briefing in 'Reloaded' The Keymaker tells the rebels that the amount of time that the One has to open the door to the Source is 314 seconds. This is likely an allusion to PI, 3.14, which is a close approximation of the relation of a circle's circumference to its diameter, yet contains an unending anomaly, much like the One is to the Matrix.
- Submitted by Ross McDermott
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