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The Games

The Matrix's computer-generated reality very naturally lends itself to computer gaming. The fact that most of the visually stunning action takes place in a computer simulation really begs for video games to be designed for it. Thankfully, after a long wait without any interactive entertainment based on The Matrix, the games are starting to come.

True to their visionary geek status, the Wachowski Brothers aren't just licensing lame, rip-off games to capitalize on The Matrix's popularity, but rather putting their own time and energy into ensuring the video games offer the same exhilarating rush that the films offer. This close working relationship between filmmakers and game producers is a first for either industry and is leading to groundbreaking games that would be impossible to produce otherwise.

The Games: Screenshot from Enter The MatrixSome of the features you can expect in the games include familiar movie characters, 35mm film footage incorporated into the game's storyline, exclusive plots points not revealed elsewhere, and Bullet Time special effects. To give you an idea, Enter The Matrix has an hour of footage filmed during the sequel's production, footage that is actually pretty important to advancing the storyline, and isn't in the sequels themselves.

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Did You Know?

Composer Don Davis used a combination of orchestral and samples for the score of Reloaded. For one effect he placed dry ice on tam tams, cymbals and the inside of the piano. 'The dry ice excites the metal and starts it to vibrate, and so we...did some processing and editing to that, and those samples will show up...particularly under the Agent Smith character.'
- (Cinescape 6-03)
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