The Matrix 101: Your Guide to Understanding The MatrixThe Matrix 101: Your Guide to Understanding The Matrix
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The Matrix 101

The Matrix 101 is your guide to understanding The Matrix Trilogy. If you have questions about the movies, the people, the events, or the meaning behind what you see on the screen, you've come to the right place. See just how far down the rabbit hole goes...If you're already an experienced and knowledgeable Matrix junkie, you may still learn something new here at The Matrix 101. Other than the occasional re-release of the trilogy on Blu-ray, the world of The Matrix is pretty quiet these days. Since they completed the Matrix Trilogy, the Wachowski's collaborated on the fantastic V for Vendetta, directed Speed Racer and co-directed Cloud Atlas.

What's New:
- The all-new 2017 Ultimate Matrix Gift List.
- The Matrix 101 is interviewed for a story on movie theories in The Independent.
- A comprehensive theory on Neo and the Sentinels plus more!
- Do nut and bolts and nerve endings explain Neo Stopping the Sentinels?
- You may be interested in the development of Howard Glitch. We are!
- Is The Architect responsible for Neo Stopping the Sentinels?
- Do you believe Mr. Anderson and Agent Smith Were Not The Ones?
- It all seems so clear when you read Change is a Dangerous Game.
- [V for Vendetta] [The Matrix on HiDef]

If you haven't seen The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Animatrix, or The Matrix Revolutions please rent or buy them before reading any further. In fact, watch them twice before you come back! This website contains material that will give away many parts of the story that are better discovered through watching. Additionally, this website contains interpretations of the concepts behind The Matrix. These interpretations may be commonly accepted by Matrix fans, but it's important to point out that the creators of The Matrix have revealed little about what the movies "mean"; if there's a purpose to these movies, it's to encourage questions, not provide answers. It's up to us to develop our own conclusions.

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