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10 DVD Set Trailer

The Matrix Revolutions

Theatrical Trailer
Give Anything TV Spot
Future TV Spot
Believe TV Spot
Power TV Spot
Control TV Spot
Help TV Spot
Cities TV Spot
Short Cities TV Spot
Final Chapter TV Spot
Give 'Em TV Spot
My World TV Spot
Opening Weekend TV Spot
Spectacular TV Spot
International Trailer
Teaser (after Reloaded's credits)
Teaser 2 (from Enter The Matrix)

The Matrix Reloaded

Theatrical Trailer
Yes TV Spot
Jack In TV Spot
Nice Trick TV Spot
Short Story TV Spot
Story TV Spot
No Escape TV Spot
I'm In TV Spot
Prophecy TV Spot
Short Prophecy TV Spot
3 Times TV Spot
Blockbuster TV Spot
Inevitable TV Spot
Ride TV Spot
White Hot TV Spot
Superbowl TV Spot
Japanese Trailer
Reloaded/Revolutions Teaser

The Matrix

Theatrical Trailer
Manson TV Spot
Reality TV Spot
Forget Everything TV Spot
Mystery TV Spot
Buckle Up TV Spot
The Answer TV Spot
Kung Fu TV Spot
Superbowl TV Spot
Mirage TV Spot

The Animatrix

Teaser Trailer
Full Trailer
Final Flight of the Osiris Desktops
The Second Renaissance Part 1
The Second Renaissance Part 1 Desktops
The Second Renaissance Part 2
The Second Renaissance Part 2 Desktops
Kid's Story Desktops
Program Desktops
World Record Desktops
Beyond Desktops
A Detective Story
A Detective Story Desktops
Matriculated Desktops

Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Superbowl Trailer

Trailer 2
Teaser Trailer (Large - 88Mb)
Teaser Trailer (Medium - 40Mb)
Video Interview with Dave Perry

All Cinematics [NEW!]
Theatrical Trailer
Official Screensaver
Fansite Kit Three: Action Sounds
Fansite Kit Two: Game Sounds
Fansite Kit One: Images
E3 2004 Trailer
Gameplay Footage
E3 2003 Trailer

Enter The Matrix

7 Minute Trailer
TV Spot #1
TV Spot #2
TV Spot #3
Documentary Clip #1
Documentary Clip #2
Documentary Clip #3

Vol 1 Preview PDF
Vol 2 Preview PDF

Fan Films

Super Mario Reloaded
The Fanimatrix: Run Program - Gone?
Matrix XP
The Matrix in 6 Minutes
The Meowtrix: Relittered
The Matrix: Regurgitated

Matrix Rebooted Icons Awesome Mac/Win Icons
Maxx's Matrix Screensaver
The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver new screensaver under development
Reloaded MTV Parody 2003 MTV Movie Awards
Official Screensaver
Our Fave Screensaver
Very Cool Animated Desktop
Matrix Font

Did You Know?

There were reports during rehearsal and filming of Neo's fights for Reloaded that after the day's shooting Keanu Reeves was carried to a kiddie pool full of ice for the aches, pains, and injuries sustained in the intense scenes. Jada Pinkett Smith shot a couple days of wire stunt work and thanks to the swelling and soreness afterwards realized the ice wasn't just eccentric movie star behavior.
Main Character from The Matrix

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