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The Animatrix: Final Flight if the Osiris

Written By: Andy and Larry Wachowski
Directed By: Andy Jones

This short features stunning computer-generated animation by the same team that brought you Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The visuals are absolutely beautiful, and you can see the progress being made in designing and animating these computer generated characters. Once you get past the incredible visuals, you quickly realize why a lot of people have been calling Osiris "The Matrix 1.5": the events in this film lead directly into The Matrix Reloaded.

Osiris begins with a sexy sparring program between Thadeus, captain of the hovercraft Osiris, and Jue, his senior crewmember. Thadeus and Jue are jolted out of the sparring program when the crew of the Osiris stumbles upon the machine's dire plans for the human resistance. It's here that we learn the key plot point for Reloaded: the machines are digging their way to Zion, and there's not much time to stop them. Thadeus' crew resolves to warn Zion, but they're immediately discovered by the Sentinel army, and a fantastic chase and battle scene follow. Jue volunteers to get the information to the mail drop in the Matrix while Thadeus and the Osiris' crew hold off the sentinels long enough for her to do so. ...continued in the second column...

The animation, action, and pacing are spectacular. You will find yourself holding your breath at times, like I did. Needless to say, with a title like Final Flight of the Osiris, Thadeus and his crew don't last long enough to show up in the sequels, unfortunately.

The Animatrix: Scene from Final Flight of The Osiris

This short proves the Wachowski Brothers really are serious about telling their story over multiple mediums; not only does Osiris lead into Reloaded, but it also sets up many of the tasks in the game, Enter The Matrix. Your first task in ETM is to get to the post office and pick up the package that the Osiris' crew prepared, and that Jue delivered to the mail drop. Getting this information safely back to Zion informs the resistance of the machines' plans and sets the events of Reloaded in motion. The End of this section

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TV Repair Shop Scene from 'The Matrix' - 'The building this was shot in was allegedly haunted by a man who had shot himself in the basement...there was one take in which a shadowy figure could be seen lurking behind Trinity as she talked on the phone. It was a frightening night at dailies when that came up on screen. Larry and Andy wanted to use it in the film but the lawyers couldn't reach the spirit in time to get legal clearance.'
- Phil Oosterhouse in 'The Matrix Shooting Script'
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